Kinilaw na Tuna

Kinilaw or vinegar-cured fish (similar to Mexican Ceviche) is one of my most requested dish for parties. It is best paired with beer or any liquor, it is even good with rice and anything grilled. My cousin’s husband, who is from Bacolod, introduced us to this dish. He made his kinilaw with fresh Tanigue and he added chopped unripe mangoes, which I thought really made the dish interesting with the contrast of textures and flavors.

For my version, I used sashimi-grade tuna fillets but tanigue also works really well here. I just prefer the pinkish tinge of the tuna. Thoroughly wash the fillets and slice them into cubes, then place them in a glass bowl and completely submerge in white vinegar. Refrigerate and let it “cook” for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, slice about 15 pieces of calamansi, and squeeze out the juice. Chop up some onions, garlic, ginger, unripe mangoes and siling labuyo and set aside. After about 10 minutes, or you can check if the tuna turned slightly white, remove the vinegar and pour in the calamansi juice, and add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Refrigerate and allow for about and hour before serving to allow the flavors to combine.