Taste of Los Baños

One time, my sister went to Los Baños to do an errand for me. I work and live in Los Banos during weekdays, so my sister had to commute from Sta. Rosa to Elbi. She arrived around three o’clock and we’re both really hungry so we headed to a Thai restaurant for some Pad Thai and Tom Yam Gong.

I have lived and grown old in LB for the most part of the last 15+ years and I can remember as a college student being first exposed to different ways of cooking the most common food. “Sinigang na may pechay” and “munggo with ampalaya” were weird for me, because I only knew my mom’s cooking back then. But I got used to it, and learned to appreciate other types of cuisine as well.

LB offers a diverse selection, from the ubiquitous fast food joints to the charming hole-in-the-wall family-run places to the slightly more refined cafes and restaurants; you’ll never run out of choices.

(I love lists, so here is mine of my favorite places to eat in LB)

The cheapos:

Kwek-kwek/Tokneneng/Ihaw-ihaw in a stall beside the San Antonio Church, in front of Robinson’s Place

Proben/Isaw: near White House apartments

Turon/Bananaque: pretty much everywhere

Siomai [shumai]: Papu’s near UP Gate, Siomai Food Haus near LB square

Roast Chicken: Bugong near UP Gate

Doner Durum: Shawarma

Grilled Bangus Belly/Bulalo/Mongolian Rice: Tito Max’s/Greenhouse in Demarses Subd.

Lechon Kawali: Batcave

Yakisoba/Kani Salad: Eatsumo LB square

The reasonably priced:

Sisig: Big Dad’s in LB Square (I think they’ve already closed down, but they claimed to have the best sisig in town, and I think they really did.)

Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant: Phuo noodles, spring rolls, #14 and #25 on their menu (I can’t pronounce nor spell most items on their menu)

Baan Thai: Pad Thai, Tom Yam Gong, Som Tam, Thai Bagoong Rice

Bonito’s: Texas BBQ Prime Ribs, Sinigang na Salmon Head, Lasagna

Plato Rodizia: Baby Back Ribs, Grilled Pork and Tofu, Tequila Chicken

Los Kababos: Biryani Rice, Hummus and Pita Bread

Joe’s: they have the best pasta, all authentic Italian ingredients and freshly made tomato sauce, but Linguine with Shrimp in lemon cream sauce is superb. (I need to try this soon)

Cafes and Desserts:

Buko Pie: everywhere in LB, but Original and Lety’s are the best

Mernel’s famous Chocolate Cake

Micha’s: carrot cake, muffins, chocolate chip cookies

IC’s/Isis cafe: Mocha Creamaccino

See you in LB!