Polvoron – A Sweet Treat


Who doesn’t like polvoron?

This sweet treat that we’ve inherited from the Spaniards and updated to please the Pinoy palate has always been among the local favorites.

The Pinoy polvoron is usually a pasalubong or a treat from someone who came from a trip or from a parent who just got home from work. It is also sometimes eaten as a dessert after a main meal of the day.

In our house, we seldom buy polvoron because we’ve been making this sweet treat for years. We used to sell it years ago and customers usually purchase by the dozen or so. But this afternoon, we only decided to make a batch because the powdered milk in the fridge has been sitting in there for months.

Here’s the recipe:


1/4 cup powdered milk [we used Anchor milk because it’s what we have in the fridge and it’s the milk of choice for this recipe]

1/2 cup flour

sugar to taste [we used medium brown or DD]

100 grams margarine

3-4 tbsp butter for added flavor

additional/optional: crushed pinipig or roasted peanuts

polvoron ingredients


On a dry skillet, cook the flour in very low heat until light brown. Sift using a fine sieve strainer to remove the lumps.

In a clean, dry mixing bowl, pour in the sifted cooked flour, powdered milk, and sugar. Mix well. Adjust the amount of sugar gradually and tasting in between until you get the right sweetness.

Melt the margarine and butter in a clean skillet, then pour over the flour and milk mixture. Mix well and see if you can form the polvoron. You can adjust the margarine to get the right consistency.

Using a small plastic scoop, form the polvoron by pressing the mixture up to the brim. Then wrap each one with colored cellophane or Japanese paper.

wrapping polvoron

These sweet treats are great anytime. They’re also great as gifts or giveaways during the holidays.