Happy Chinese New Year!!!


Tikoy or Nian Gao is a Chinese delicacy that’s usually consumed during the Chinese New Year celebration. It is believed and promoted highly to invite good luck and prosperity. You will find many people gifting these sticky rice treats especially to family, friends, and clients. My grandma and aunt are not strangers to boxes of tikoy that are usually given to them by their Chinese dealers. These folks are so generous when it comes to their traditional treats and food items, so everyone in the family get to enjoy these special treats.

Legend says that the name of this sticky rice pastry was derived from two names: Nian – the hungry monster who would come out of his cave in the mountains to feed on animals; and Gao – the villager who thought of leaving sticky rice pastry at his doorstep with the hopes of satisfying the cravings of Nian. You can check more about this via Wikipedia – Nian Gao.

The usual preparation that most Filipinos know is dipping the sliced tikoy in egg and frying it in oil. We’ve had that several times and of course, it’s good especially with condensed milk on top. But one time, my mom got this alternative preparation for tikoy from Heny Sison‘s TV show.

Here’s my mom’s version of the recipe:

sliced regular/white tikoy (you can use other variants such as this fancy strawberry flavored one)

toasted sesame seeds

lumpia wrapper (spring roll wrapper)

cooking oil for frying

cornstarch paste (this is just cooked cornstarch+water with a pasty consistency) for sealing the rolls

condensed milk for topping


Heny Sison’s version is to roll and seal the long slices of tikoy in lumpia wrapper. The ends of each roll are dipped in egg wash before dipping in raw sesame seeds, and then fried.

My mom’s version is either cutting long strips or squares of approximately 2.5×2 of tikoy. Each slice with slightly toasted sesame seeds is wrapped in lumpia/spring roll wrapper, and sealed with the cornstarch paste. We rather have this snack prepared and cooked this way to prevent the sesame seeds from falling off while frying.

Drain the oil out from the tikoy rolls before pouring condensed milk on top.

And this is better served with….

yellow tea

…tea, for that authentic Chinese experience.  =)

Enjoy! Kung hei fat choi!