Beat The Summer Heat with Mais con Yelo

mais con yelo

The easiest and fastest way to cool down this summer is to eat or drink something cold. In our household, we cook and/or prepare something especially when we are craving. Ice cream, though a favorite dessert or snack in the house, can be too expensive if bought every other day or at least 3 times a week. And somehow, we always look for something familiar and local, but not expensive.

The humble crushed ice can be of great relief during the summer months. Add in some palaman and you’ll have halo-halo. Or buy cooked or uncooked sago, add a few scoops of arnibal or light brown sugar syrup, and some dash of lemon flavoring for a wonderful dessert and drink all in one. The other variant is either added with gulaman or unflavored gelatin cut into small cubes. Or just the gulaman without the sago.

But the mais con yelo is a favorite of mine. Not that I don’t like halo-halo and sago or gulaman. I just like the sweet and salty flavors of this summer snack, coupled with a bit of sugar and evaporated milk. If you want to add texture and crunch, you can top it with corn flakes or pinipig [toasted rice flakes].

You’ll only need 4 ingredients:

Sweet cream style corn in a tin can or tetra pack [you can make, probably, around 5-7 medium glasses of mais con yelo with 1 tin can; around 4-6 using the tetra pack – depends on how many tablespoons you’ll use per glass]

Evaporated milk [big or small, depends on how many people are around]

Light brown sugar to taste [add a teaspoon per glass, to be safe]

Finely rushed or shaved ice

optional: corn flakes or pinipig for topping

To assemble the mais con yelo, add about 2 tablespoons of the cream style corn, then add sugar to taste. Add crushed or shaved ice up to the brim [or more] of your glass and make sure to press each time you add ice. Pour about 2-3 tablespoons [or more if you prefer] of evaporated milk onto the crushed/shaved ice. Top with corn flakes if you like.