Crispy Fried Chicken Roulade – One of Nanay’s Best-Sellers

chicken roulade

Chicken roll or chicken roulade is among our favorite ‘fiesta’ dishes. There were even months that my nanay [mother] had to cook this several times because always get requests from our relatives and some of her friends. But these are also great any day especially when the family’s complete.

This is a simple dish to make. It just needs a little patience because of the cooking process.


Chicken breast fillet, butterflied

Ham slices [sweet ham, spiced ham, or fiesta ham are the best options]

1/2-inch thick cheese sticks

butter [a bit softened on room temperature for easy spreading on chicken fillets]

salt, pepper, calamansi juice, evaporated milk or buttermilk [for marinating the chicken fillets]

flour, beaten egg, water and Japanese bread crumbs [for breading]

salt and pepper for the breading

cooking oil for deep frying


Marinate the chicken fillets in salt, pepper, calamansi juice, and milk for about an hour. Keep the chicken in the freezer or in the chiller if you want it to marinate for more than an hour. The milk tenderizes the chicken meat and it also makes it juicier and moist once fried.

Assemble the roulade by placing the marinated fillet on a tray or large plate. Spread a little amount of butter on the chicken fillet just to thinly cover the meat. Place a piece of ham and top it with cheese stick/s. You can use one of each filling if the breast fillet is small. Double the filling if you have a fairly large fillet.

By this time, make sure you have a pot of water already warming on the stove. This will be used to steam the rolls. By steaming the chicken rolls you are ensuring that they won’t spoil if you keep them for a day or two. Steaming also firms up the chicken meat, making it easier to dredge and fry.

Roll the chicken fillet tightly to secure the filling. Wrap each rolled chicken in aluminum foil. Once all of the chicken rolls are wrapped in foil, check it your pot water is already boiling. If it is, it’s time to steam. Let the rolls steam for at least 20 minutes or until the chicken meat is tender.

After steaming, get the chicken rolls and remove the foil. Leave them on a tray or large plate to cool. Remove the foil when you are ready to fry.

After cooling, prep the breading. Get 3 trays or large bowls. In each bowl, place the flour, beaten egg with a little water, and breadcrumbs. Whichever hand you start with, place the bowl/tray of flour, followed by the beaten egg+water, then breadcrumbs. Make sure this is the arrangement in front of you – the egg should be in the middle of the flour and breadcrumbs.

Dredge the cooled chicken roll in flour – make sure to coat all over. Then dip entirely in the egg and water mixture before coating with breadcrumbs. Do this process for every roll and set aside while the oil is heating up.

Place each chicken roulade in the hot oil carefully. Do not overcrowd. Fry ’til golden brown. Set aside for a few minutes before slicing them on an angle. You can make gravy or pepper-mayo-mustard dip if you want. But most folks love tomato ketchup with this dish, so serve that on the side too.