A Taste of Italy at Sbarro and Gelatissimo

Last Saturday, my sister and I went to Quezon City to finally sign her quit claim and to get her final pay from the company she used to worked for. We had our minds set on going to Mega Mall after this trip to QC because it’s been months since we went to the metro.

So, there we were in Mega Mall and our minds are set to find the stall that has personalized dog tags and key chains. After minutes of walking, we finally found Groovin’ Tags. We had our dogs’ tags and went off to have lunch at Sbarro. After lunch, we browsed and window-shopped some more to burn off the filling lunch. We don’t have a Sbarro restaurant here in Laguna. The nearest is in Alabang.

Shared Lunch at Sbarro

We walked and browsed through the stores for shoes and bags [which are quite expensive and not on our list of agendas as of this time]. We were at the 2nd floor of Mega Atrium looking for the ladies’ room  and we walked pass this gelato shop. My radar for desserts is on full blast at that time since I’ve been craving for ice cream and the like every time I’m out of town.

You see, when you live in a province at the outskirts of Manila, the stores and malls may offer a different ambiance and list of eateries. There are shops in Manila that don’t reach the provincial malls. Some stores and restaurants are usually located in the ‘rich’ communities with the likes of Laguna Bel Air, Nuvali and Greenfield areas, and those within the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay route.

2 flavors 1 cup

I told my sister that I want a taste of authentic gelato and the store is just right there at the center of Mega Atrium. The other restaurants and stores do not appeal to me, for my senses are telling me to go straight for gelato after a good lunch. And this is the best way to cap our so-called Italian food trip. The store’s name is Gelatissimo – an Australian-owned company that makes authentic gelato or Italian ice cream. Their headquarters in the Philippines is located in Cebu; hence the 3 branches in the Queen City. I truly envy those who live in Cebu right now, coz they have 3 branches to go to for delicious gelato. And yes, there’s no branch here in Laguna and the nearest is located at Greenbelt 5.

We bought the 2 flavors in 1 cup and their serving is generous. It’s a small cup but heaping with 2 gelato flavors of your choice. We chose pistachio and chocolate truffle – and boy, it was heaven! I bet no one can finish off a large cup of gelato this rich and creamy, unless you’re an addict like me – but my sister and I shared, and we were really satisfied with the flavor and serving. Maybe for others this is a splurge at Php160.00, but I’m telling you it’s that good and truly worth the price. If you’ll order a cup with a single flavor, it’s more than enough for 1 person and it’s only for Php80.00. It’s not bad to spend a little if you want to enjoy something that you don’t usually have every day. So, go ahead and have a cup or two with a friend when you visit Gelatissimo.

Gelatissimo - gelato display

We truly appreciate the great customer service and friendly staff of Gelatissimo. They gave us 2 cards that we can use on our next purchase in Mega Mall and other branches. And they agreed to have their displays photographed for the purpose of this blog. Once again, thank you!

Oh, by the way, if you will stop by for a cup or two of their gelato, you can request for a taste-test. Just be sure to buy a cup after tasting – it’s really worth your money.



I wasn’t compensated to write this post. I just simply love the stores/restaurants I mentioned here.