My Sister’s Buffalo Wings Recipe

buffalo chicken wings

Somehow, a craving can become a kitchen activity. And this is true with my sister’s buffalo chicken recipe. We love ordering this dish at a restaurant in Manila that serves pasta and pizza. Their buffalo wings or buffalo chicken is really delectable. Unfortunately, they only have branches in Manila, so whenever we crave for this dish, we can only wish we were there at the moment.

But my sister’s resourcefulness and love for cooking made it possible for us to have this dish whenever we want. Just like the Bon Chon Chicken recipe, she had to search on the internet and made her own version. Actually, this buffalo chicken recipe of her’s was the first to grace our kitchen and dining table. And that was one of those times that we crave for this chicken dish while thinking of the restaurant we used to visit just to have a taste of it once again.

Nowadays, we just try and cook almost anything we can possibly think of, as long as we can find a standard or basic recipe online. So, without further ado, here’s our version of buffalo wings.


1 kilo chicken wings

salt and pepper to taste

flour for dredging

cooking oil for frying

* for the sauce:

hot sauce


Worcestershire sauce

minced garlic or garlic powder for additional flavor (optional)

* for the dip:

sour cream

blue cheese


Sprinkle and rub some salt and pepper on the chicken wings.  You may also use some garlic powder if you want additional flavor. Dredge the chicken wings in flour. Deep fry the wings in cooking oil until light golden brown. Make sure to use medium flame to allow the chicken meat to cook thoroughly. Set aside each batch and finish the ‘first frying’. Deep fry the chicken wings once again in cooking oil until golden brown and super crispy. Set aside while you prepare the sauce.

In a sauce pan, melt half a stick of butter (just add a few tablespoons more if needed). Add the hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, and simmer for a couple of minutes. Pour the sauce over the chicken wings and mix it up. You may use a bowl in doing this to ensure each piece is coated with the sauce. You can also let the sauce cool a little bit, so you can handle it with ease.

For the dip:

Crumble the blue cheese before mixing with the source cream. You can season with a dash of black pepper or leave it as it is. Pour in a small serving bowl.

buffalo wings

Buffalo chicken wings is traditionally served with blue cheese dip and thick slices of celery. Here at home, we usually serve it as a viand or  ‘ulam ‘ for steamed rice and with the addition of carrot sticks.