Buko Pandan Recipe

buko pandan


Who doesn’t love buko pandan?

We made this delicious Pinoy dessert for New Year’s Eve celebration ‘coz it is one of our favorites. I know that like many other Filipino recipes, each cook/foodie has his/her own version or twist to the recipe. We used the same basic ingredients and since we love cheese, you’ll find it here in our recipe.

Here are the ingredients and procedure…

buko pandan ingredients


3 packages alsa gulaman (green)
7-10 large pandan leaves (stripped and bundled a la ‘bouquet garni’ for boiling the water for gulaman)

buko (nilukab from 5-7 pcs large buko), sliced diagonally about 1/2-inch (or almost the same size as the kaong and nata de coco)
1 large jar of kaong (green)
1 large jar of nata de coco (white)
1/2 Eden cheese regular size, grated
2 cans condensed milk
2 cans nestle cream

buko pandan recipe


[1] boil pandan leaves in water (yung gagamitin for the gelatin, look for the package instructions to see the amount of water needed, pero sobrahan ng konte.. follow the water content plus 1/2 cup, for example- since nag eevaporate yung tubig while boiling)
[2] cool the pandan water
[3] measure the needed amount to cook the gelatin and follow cooking instructions
[4] cool the cooked gelatin in rectangular/square pans before slicing diagonally, about the same size as the sliced buko
[5] in a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients together
[6] place in tupperware or any sealable containers before chilling in the fridge
[7] serve chilled

I hope you enjoy reading this recipe. I encourage you to try it and enjoy with your whole family — and yes, even on a regular day!  =)