Cakes from Down South – Mer-Nel’s and Rodilla’s

Although cake is not a native Filipino delicacy, what we have in our homeland are unique creations of baked goodies – both home-made and commercially produced.

Of course, the big names in the cakes and pastries industry are those owned by well-known fast-food chains and restaurants. But even before these multi-million business entities top the charts of the food industry in the Philippines, there have been households already baking their way to local stardom.

I am proud to say that down here in the Southern part of Luzon (in the Philippines) are locally popular bake shops that cater to local customers and Manilenos alike.

Their popularity have spread through word of mouth at first. But thanks to social media and the internet, these local names spread through recommendations within family circles and friendly connections. Even without websites or blogs, they were able to reach Manila and other neighboring towns thanks to visiting relatives and friends.

So, without further ado, here are the two popular cake makers of Los Banos, Laguna and Tayabas, Quezon.


Mer-Nel’s Cakes

Mer-Nel’s is truly a household name that’s spreading its sweet product in many corners of Laguna. And it’s also not surprising to see the familiar boxes in buses going to Manila and in photos of friends from other nearby provinces such as Cavite, Quezon, and Batangas.

mer-nel's chocolate cake

mer-nel’s chocolate cake

There are two branches in its hometown – one along Lopez Avenue, near the University of the Philippines Los Banos campus and another one along national highway near South Supermarket.

Mer-Nel’s is famous particularly for its simple yet decadent chocolate cakes. Their chocolate cake is moist and not too sweet. They also have chocolate and strawberry cakes filled with yema – both heavenly, not too sweet, and very filling.

mer-nel's strawberry cake

mer-nel’s strawberry cake

The signature look of a Mer-Nel’s cake consists of chocolate icing spread throughout the cake. Piped icing serves as borders at the top and base of the cake. Sugar flowers are added as accents.

Although Mer-Nel’s have other products in their cake fridges, it is their chocolate and yema-filled cakes that sell the most.

So, when you visit Los Banos, Laguna, never go home without a box of Mer-Nel’s cake. They also have a cake shop (third branch) in SM City Calamba in case you are in that area. You can also visit their Facebook page for updates.


Rodilla’s Yema Cake

I love yema and I love cake. Put them together, you have yema cake.

Fortunately for us who love sweets and pastries, the combination of the two is indeed heavenly. Rodilla’s yema cake is made of velvety chiffon that’s not too sweet. The smooth and silky yema topping, which has the texture of ganache, is also not too sweet and just perfect with a hint of saltiness from the grated cheese.

So, if you love yema and cake, this is the perfect cake to dig in to.

Rodilla's Yema Cake

Rodilla’s Yema Cake_image credit: Rodilla’s Facebook page

Rodilla’s yema cake originated in Tayabas Quezon. But today, they have distributors all over the Philippines and they are now taking online orders through their Facebook page.

For cake-lovers… you now have another good reason to visit Tayabas, Quezon and/or Los Banos, Laguna. And among the best part of this cake experience is the price – Mer-Nel’s and Rodilla’s large cakes cost less than Php500.