What’s New on The Kitchen Invader…


Yours truly have been very busy due to work. But we still have time to cook, we just don’t have enough time to blog. However, we’ve just managed to organize a couple of pages here on our blog. We’d really like it to be more accessible and reader-friendly, so you, our dear guests and readers, will find the recipes easier to check out and other pages a little more organized.

First is our celebrity chef quotes pages, we’ve just updated the main page and added images and their respective quotes that are linked to their own sub-pages.

Next is our recipe archives which I’ve been tackling since a few weeks ago, but I’ve added photos of the finished products to make them more interesting and less boring, and with links to their respective pages.

Last is the coffee corner which will be the home for some of my coffee articles. It’s still a work in progress, but I hope you’ll visit this page as well.

Thank you for visiting our Filipino cooking blog. We’re doing our best to write down and ask our mom to help us out with the recipes.

Stay tuned for future posts.

Happy Cooking!