Who doesn’t like hamonado?

This Filipino dish is probably influenced by the Spaniards or was invented by our ancient ancestors as a local twist to the foreign ham. Needless to say, this dish has many versions just like any other typical Filipino dish. No matter who invented or introduced the hamonado to us Filipinos, we are thankful for this delectable and festive dish that’s easy to prepare anytime.


In our family, hamonado is an all-occasion and non-occasion dish. When my grandma cannot cook at home, she would tell my mom to cook for them this dish on a weekend.


1 1/2 kg whole pork butt
1 half gallon pineapple juice
2-3 bay leaves
grated cheese
brown sugar (DD or darker)
soy sauce to add a little color and flavor
salt to taste
1 teaspoon whole pepper corns


In a pot, slow boil the pork butt in pineapple juice, bay leaves, soy sauce, salt, brown sugar, grated cheese, and pepper corns until the meat is super tender.

Remove the meat from the broth and set aside.

Simmer the broth until its reduced and thickened. You may add a little cornstarch in water to thicken the sauce. Adjust the seasonings if needed.

Slice the meat into 1/2-inch thick serving pieces. Arrange on a platter.

Pour over the reduced, thickened pineapple sauce.

Serve warm with rice or dinner rolls.

Hamonado is simple and delicious. It has very few ingredients, and the preparation and cooking process are quite straightforward and easy.

I hope you try this at home this coming weekend and enjoy a festive lunch or dinner with your family.