Why Food Presentation is NOT Just for Restaurants and Hotels

I often hear from non-cooks “why do you need to neatly plate your dishes when you’re only serving them at home?”

I wonder why they ask this, especially when they dine out with family but not wonder why restaurants do it.

Don’t we want to see our meals presented in such a way they make us hungrier?

This is exactly why we, home cooks, need to do this at home. It’s not just about the LOOK of the dish, but to actually convey that the food we serve is indeed delicious, and prepped and cooked with care.

It’s more than just “wowing” our families or guests. It’s a way for us to ensure that the food we are serving are delectable – leaving them wanting for more. =)

Food presentation or food plating is no longer in the confines of Michelin-starred restaurants and five-star hotels. You don’t need to be a chef or a gourmand to apply the same principles of presenting dishes to your family.

I have learned this early in life through my mom because she’s really an excellent home cook and she knows that in order to convey good-tasting food, it needs to be presented properly. She especially does this whenever there’s a special occasion and whenever we have guests at home.

Food presentation is NOT the only justification that food is delicious. It is to please the eyes to whet the appetites of your family and guests; but the taste of the food will validate that.

But before you go and splurge on the garnish, always put first the flavor/taste of the food you cook. This is far more important than the garnish and elegant tableware you use.

These are just a few photos of the dishes we have posted here and a few more borrowed from my cousin in Japan. She’s an expert when it comes to food presentation because she’s a creative homemaker and cook.


Even with little or without garnish,home-cooked meals can still look appetizing.


Simple, easy and uncomplicated dish presentations are best for food that already tastes good.


My cousin’s Instagram-worthy creations. =)


More of my cousin’s creations using the dishes’ main ingredients.

My cousin is lucky enough to find all the vegetables, fruits and other ingredients she needs for her family’s meals. She also uses them as the main attraction in her dishes.

Often times we really do not need any garnish if the food really looks delicious on its own.

REMEMBER:  Food can always look good even in the simplest presentations – such as using a sprig of parsley or malunggay (moringa) on top of ginisang munggo on a Friday.

Happy cooking!