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Gifting Delicious Goodies for the Holidays

It’s that wonderful time of the year again and we are all very busy thinking, planning, and shopping for the holiday festivities. The holiday season in the Philippines happens a week before Christmas,… Continue reading

Cakes from Down South – Mer-Nel’s and Rodilla’s

Although cake is not a native Filipino delicacy, what we have in our homeland are unique creations of baked goodies – both home-made and commercially produced. Of course, the big names in the… Continue reading

Jen’s Home-made Dog Treats Recipe

For those of you who might be wondering… So, why am I posting a recipe of home-made dog treats? It’s because this recipe is human-grade and it tastes good (minus the seasonings and… Continue reading

My Scottish Experience and Chocolate Coconut Scones

I used to despise scones. My first taste was in Scotland while visiting my friend Sydney. We were sipping tea in a cafĂ©, sitting at the window and watching bundled passersby attempting to… Continue reading

3 Recipes: Chocolate Brownies, Ganache and Truffles

The start of every New Year in our household involves a stocked fridge because of left-overs. Usually we have containers still filled with native desserts that we prepped and were given to us… Continue reading