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Home-made Chick n’ Chips

We love the chick n’ chips of one of the iconic pizza places here in our country. But we don’t always get the chance to eat at a restaurant since we know how… Continue reading

Chicken Bon Chon Style

My sister and I have been craving for Bon Chon chicken since the last time we went to Manila. Since there’s no branch here in Laguna, particularly in our town, There is a… Continue reading

Thai Green Curry

The kitchen invaders love curry, especially Thai green curry with chicken and coconut cream. And of course, it is spicy and very appetizing. The secret to cooking good curry is to use the… Continue reading

Our Holiday 2014 Menu

Merry Christmas to all! Here’s to a great year and a lot of cooking in the kitchen. Our Holiday menu is for two days and we’ve been cooking since the 22nd of December.… Continue reading

My Sister’s Buffalo Wings Recipe

Somehow, a craving can become a kitchen activity. And this is true with my sister’s buffalo chicken recipe. We love ordering this dish at a restaurant in Manila that serves pasta and pizza.… Continue reading

Crispy Fried Chicken Roulade – One of Nanay’s Best-Sellers

Chicken roll or chicken roulade is among our favorite ‘fiesta’ dishes. There were even months that my nanay [mother]┬áhad to cook this several times because always get requests from our relatives and some… Continue reading

Chicken-Veggie Kebab

I think it’s only fitting to write about chicken kebab since my last write-up was about spices. Kebab recipes are common in Mediterranean cooking and of course, they use delicious herbs and spices… Continue reading