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Creamy, Melt-in-your-mouth Leche Flan

It’s that time of the year again and we have tried and tested several recipes for the holidays. Among the desserts we tried this year and a few years back is leche flan.… Continue reading

Gifting Delicious Goodies for the Holidays

It’s that wonderful time of the year again and we are all very busy thinking, planning, and shopping for the holiday festivities. The holiday season in the Philippines happens a week before Christmas,… Continue reading


  Pork kulao is also known as pork kinilaw, and it is said to be a dish which originated from Cavite. At home, we cook this dish usually on a weekend whenever my… Continue reading

Pinoy-Style Paella

One of our many favorites that our mom cooks during the holidays and special occasions is the Pinoy version of Paella. This particular Paella was a special order of my aunt because it… Continue reading

Nanay’s Pancit Palabok

Filipinos love cooking and eating pansit (or pancit). We have inherited this love for rice noodle dishes from our Chinese ancestors and because of the varying ingredients, style of cooking, and serving, we… Continue reading

Cakes from Down South – Mer-Nel’s and Rodilla’s

Although cake is not a native Filipino delicacy, what we have in our homeland are unique creations of baked goodies – both home-made and commercially produced. Of course, the big names in the… Continue reading

Buko Pandan Recipe

  Who doesn’t love buko pandan? We made this delicious Pinoy dessert for New Year’s Eve celebration ‘coz it is one of our favorites. I know that like many other Filipino recipes, each… Continue reading

Ube Halaya – The Back-breaking Native Dessert

Ube halaya is a delectable Filipino dessert that’s commonly served during the holidays and fiestas. You can also find this as a topping for halo-halo.

Puto with Cheese Recipe

Puto, known as steamed rice cake, originates from the Philippines. It is usually shaped into small rounds or in the form of a cupcake. Usually topped off with cheese or salted egg. Sometimes,… Continue reading

Lumpiang Sariwa

Lumpiang sariwa is a vegetable dish that’s often served during the Holy Week and other holidays. Like any lumpia recipe, it is derived from the Chinese version of spring roll only that this recipe… Continue reading

Pancit Canton – A Festive Treat For Any Day

   Pancit is among the favorite Filipino dishes inspired by the Chinese. It is an ubiquitous dish in this country of ours – may it be in homes, karinderia, or restaurants, this is… Continue reading

Beat The Summer Heat with Mais con Yelo

The easiest and fastest way to cool down this summer is to eat or drink something cold. In our household, we cook and/or prepare something especially when we are craving. Ice cream, though… Continue reading

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Tikoy or Nian Gao is a Chinese delicacy that’s usually consumed during the Chinese New Year celebration. It is believed and promoted highly to invite good luck and prosperity. You will find many… Continue reading

A Glimpse of Our Holiday

Hello my friends. It’s been three weeks since my last post. Been busy at work, but we never fail to get busy in the kitchen especially last Christmas and New Year celebrations. A… Continue reading

Okoy – Crispy Shrimp Fritters

Hello, okoy! We meet again. We’ve missed this Filipino dish because it’s been a while since my mom cooked a few batches of these crispy treats. Ukoy or okoy is believed to have originated… Continue reading

Polvoron – A Sweet Treat

Who doesn’t like polvoron? This sweet treat that we’ve inherited from the Spaniards and updated to please the Pinoy palate has always been among the local favorites. The Pinoy polvoron is usually a pasalubong or a… Continue reading