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Update: Flavoring Food According to Taste

Here’s a new page I’ve added that briefly discusses why we need to flavor dishes according to taste.  <<—- Just click this phrase or the picture below to go to the page. Advertisements

Valentine’s Day

This day is definitely special. Though it is not a holiday and we Filipinos have adapted it as one of those special occasions where we cook special dishes or simply go out on… Continue reading

Enjoy the Benefits Of Home Cooking

Do you love cooking at home? So do we. Here’s a page we have written that tells you exactly why we need to cook and eat more at home. Source: Enjoy the Benefits… Continue reading

A Guide To Cooking With Herbs

Trying out different cuisines call for different flavorings, and herbs are great for this cooking adventure. You don’t need lots of them in your kitchen garden. A few of them will do if… Continue reading

Holiday Greetings!

  It’s been an exciting and challenging year for us here in the Philippines. Nevertheless, let us not forget to thank the Lord for even the smallest blessings we have. We pray fervently… Continue reading

A Taste of Italy at Sbarro and Gelatissimo

Last Saturday, my sister and I went to Quezon City to finally sign her quit claim and to get her final pay from the company she used to worked for. We had our… Continue reading

Turnin’ Japanese with California Maki and Kani Salad

Me and my sister love eating Japanese food. The best place to try is at Los Banos, Laguna and the eatery is called Eat-sumo Teri Haus. It used to be located at the… Continue reading

Food and Wine Pairings

Originally posted on RECLAIMING YOUR CASTLE:
Food Republic I must be hungry; I am in a food mood at the moment and even if I weren’t this infographic just really deserved a post…

Taste of Los Baños

One time, my sister went to Los Baños to do an errand for me. I work and live in Los Banos during weekdays, so my sister had to commute from Sta. Rosa to… Continue reading