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Why Food Presentation is NOT Just for Restaurants and Hotels

I often hear from non-cooks “why do you need to neatly plate your dishes when you’re only serving them at home?” I wonder why they ask this, especially when they dine out with… Continue reading

Food Storage – Knowing Your Food’s Shelf Life

Knowing your food’s shelf life is essential to keep your family safe. Here’s a link to the infographic courtesy of All You, which I’ve just published on one of our main pages here on the… Continue reading

Jen’s Home-made Dog Treats Recipe

For those of you who might be wondering… So, why am I posting a recipe of home-made dog treats? It’s because this recipe is human-grade and it tastes good (minus the seasonings and… Continue reading

How To Organise Your Fridge

An infographic guest post courtesy of Appliance City. How To Organise Your Fridge “Organising the contents of your fridge probably sounds like the most boring thing in the world, can’t say we disagree!… Continue reading