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Our 2016 Noche Buena Menu

Keeping it simple and tasty is our motto for tonight’s Noche Buena. We’re trying to avoid multiple meat dishes in one serving particularly on the night before Christmas and New Year since those days… Continue reading

Mixed Vegetables with Quail Eggs

Mixed vegetables dish is typically any combination of vegetables cooked with meat or seafood. Often sautéed and with sauce thickened with cornstarch. You’ll find a lot of mixed veggie dish in Chinese restaurants… Continue reading

Sweet Potato Salad

Who wants a healthy (sort of) sweet potato salad?! The original kitchen invader – a.k.a. my sister – saw a couple of sweet potato salad recipes online last week. As always, we are… Continue reading

Home-made Kimchi

We’ve been making home-made kimchi for a couple of years now. Actually it is my sister, Jen, who got this home-made kimchi recipe from a friend of hers. Her first taste of kimchi… Continue reading

One of Our Family’s Favorite Vegetable Dish – Laing

I’ve granted guest post authors to contribute on several occasions. These ladies who shared their stories and recipes have helped this blog a lot in terms of having fresh material and information for… Continue reading

The Insulted Siomai (Shumai)

This post is dedicated to my mom’s home-made ‘siomai‘ or shumai. However, you might find the title a little confusing because it is indeed one of the very few insulted food items that… Continue reading

Lumpiang Sariwa

Lumpiang sariwa is a vegetable dish that’s often served during the Holy Week and other holidays. Like any lumpia recipe, it is derived from the Chinese version of spring roll only that this recipe… Continue reading

Chinese-influenced Dishes

I used to shy away from tofu because it looks bland and tastes bland when eaten as is. But like a blank canvass, it can taste and look great when you add flavorings… Continue reading

Home-made Atchara

The ideal partner for tinapang bangus [and anything fried, broiled, and barbecued] is indeed the atchara. This is a pickled side dish made of green papaya and other vegetables. Some call it green… Continue reading