Yang Chow Fried Rice

Rice is a staple in the Filipino kitchen and dining table. It is our main source of carbohydrates and it’s always partnered with a viand to complete a day’s meal. Filipino cooks turn… Continue reading

Penne with Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

We love pasta with tomato sauce – name it and we’ll enjoy cooking and eating it. My sister’s the pasta diva in this house ‘coz she loves cooking them Italian style. In general, Filipinos… Continue reading

A Guide To Cooking With Herbs

Trying out different cuisines call for different flavorings, and herbs are great for this cooking adventure. You don’t need lots of them in your kitchen garden. A few of them will do if… Continue reading

Morcon Recipe

Morcon is always a staple during the holidays and special occasions like fiestas and weddings. At home, we usually have morcon during the holiday season and we cook it for the entire family… Continue reading

Our Holiday 2014 Menu

Merry Christmas to all! Here’s to a great year and a lot of cooking in the kitchen. Our Holiday menu is for two days and we’ve been cooking since the 22nd of December.… Continue reading

No-bake Blueberry Cheesecake (updated)

This no-bake blueberry cheesecake recipe is easy and simple to make. Delight your family or guests with this dessert any time.

Holiday Greetings 2014

Holiday Greetings from The Kitchen Invader!  Thank you for visiting and reading through our recipes and cooking tips and tricks. We hope you have a great holiday and enjoy cooking with your family today… Continue reading

Food Storage – Knowing Your Food’s Shelf Life

Knowing your food’s shelf life is essential to keep your family safe. Here’s a link to the infographic courtesy of All You, which I’ve just published on one of our main pages here on the… Continue reading

Mixed Vegetables with Quail Eggs

Mixed vegetables dish is typically any combination of vegetables cooked with meat or seafood. Often sautéed and with sauce thickened with cornstarch. You’ll find a lot of mixed veggie dish in Chinese restaurants… Continue reading

Crispy Fried Breaded Cream Dory

Cream dory is a variety of fish that’s a close cousin to catfish due to its white and buttery fillet. It has a mild flavor, but slightly marinating it in salt and pepper… Continue reading


Who doesn’t like hamonado? This Filipino dish is probably influenced by the Spaniards or was invented by our ancient ancestors as a local twist to the foreign ham. Needless to say, this dish… Continue reading

Drunken Shrimp Pasta

You won’t get drunk with this pasta dish, I promise! The original Kitchen Invader (my sister) wanted to try Italian shrimp scampi since last week. The problem is we cannot find any lemons… Continue reading

Sweet Potato Salad

Who wants a healthy (sort of) sweet potato salad?! The original kitchen invader – a.k.a. my sister – saw a couple of sweet potato salad recipes online last week. As always, we are… Continue reading

What’s New on The Kitchen Invader…

Hello! Yours truly have been very busy due to work. But we still have time to cook, we just don’t have enough time to blog. However, we’ve just managed to organize a couple… Continue reading

Home-cooked Meals Japanese Style

This is a post about my cousin in Japan, Ate Sally. I have dedicated a page here about her and the delicious bento meals she usually prepares for her family. On facebook, she… Continue reading

Home-made Bibimbap

If you love trying out different cuisines (like we do), chances are you have also tried a variety of Korean dishes. Being the adventurous type of foodies and wanna-be-cooks, me and my sister… Continue reading

Pinoy-Style Paella

One of our many favorites that our mom cooks during the holidays and special occasions is the Pinoy version of Paella. This particular Paella was a special order of my aunt because it… Continue reading

Steamed Lapu-lapu – All Dressed Up and Ready to Go!

If there is a party or fiesta food that resonates the most, it is the steamed lapu-lapu (grouper) that always comes to mind. Well, not everyone may agree with me, but for our… Continue reading

Nanay’s Pancit Palabok

Filipinos love cooking and eating pansit (or pancit). We have inherited this love for rice noodle dishes from our Chinese ancestors and because of the varying ingredients, style of cooking, and serving, we… Continue reading

Cakes from Down South – Mer-Nel’s and Rodilla’s

Although cake is not a native Filipino delicacy, what we have in our homeland are unique creations of baked goodies – both home-made and commercially produced. Of course, the big names in the… Continue reading

Jen’s Home-made Dog Treats Recipe

For those of you who might be wondering… So, why am I posting a recipe of home-made dog treats? It’s because this recipe is human-grade and it tastes good (minus the seasonings and… Continue reading

Home-made Pad Thai

We love the pad Thai of Baan Thai restaurant in Los Banos. Since the owner and chef is Thai, their recipes and dishes are authentic and you can really taste it in their food.… Continue reading

My Scottish Experience and Chocolate Coconut Scones

I used to despise scones. My first taste was in Scotland while visiting my friend Sydney. We were sipping tea in a café, sitting at the window and watching bundled passersby attempting to… Continue reading

Home-made Kimchi

We’ve been making home-made kimchi for a couple of years now. Actually it is my sister, Jen, who got this home-made kimchi recipe from a friend of hers. Her first taste of kimchi… Continue reading