True-blue Japanese Food All the Way From Japan!

This is a long overdue post that I lovingly dedicate to my cousin in Japan. She cooks marvelous dishes and post pictures of them on her Facebook [FB]. If there’s a thing called ‘food porn’ then this is the Japanese version because all of the photos of her delicious dishes are truly mouth-watering.

When I saw the very first photo of one of her bento dishes, I wanted to ask if I can use it for this blog. But I did not have the time to write a post that day coz it was a busy working day. As I browse FB on days that I’m not too busy, I see more and more of these bento photos from my cousin. She also prepares kyaraben for her two cute granddaughters who are both going to school.

Ate Sally, as we fondly call her, lives with her family in Kariya-shi, Aichi, Japan. She lives there for about two decades and is married to a Japanese, kuya Kuma. Even though their children are grown up and can manage to prepare or buy their own lunches outside, she still prepares their meals and have them eat home-cooked food instead.

I truly believe that anyone can learn how to cook almost any type of dish. But as what Ate Sally shared, it is ‘cooking with love’ that brings out the best in food – in terms of flavor and presentation as well.

As much as I want to ask for the recipe of each and every dish she posted on FB, I’d rather post this page to celebrate the creativity and dedication of my cousin to her family.


Japanese food 2


Japanese food 1


Japanese food


Japanese food 3