Top Tips for the Best Home Cooked Meals

home cooked meals

In order to enjoy some of the best home cooked meals, we suggest the following top tips that would be helpful.

Always shop well. If you are enthusiastic about cooking the best meals for your family and friends, then always have a full cupboard of groceries. From spices such as cinnamon and cloves and to staples such as oil, sugar, flour etc, should be included in your larder. Some of the favourites to stock also include canned tomatoes and tomato paste, beef and chicken stock, mustard, vinegar, sauces such as soya, fish sauce, Worcestershire etc, cooking wine preferably white and all sorts of condiments and soups.

Store all your spices in a cool and dark place and not above your stove. Light, humidity and heat will cause the spices and herbs to lose all their flavour.

Learn to balance your food. Many professional chefs always talk about balancing the five flavours. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and earthy. The important flavour that most of you forget is the sour flavour. Therefore, as mentioned before, tomatoes and maybe some lemons and lime would be ideal when cooking meals.

Know your meats well. Consider looking for meat that has ivory coloured marbling and a dark red shade. The cherry red steak with no marbling should be avoided since the meat will be tough and quite tasteless. Go for the best quality that you can afford to buy. Also when cooking, meat should be browned properly in order to have the flavour intact. Most of you love your meat rare and the secret to a dark brown and crispier outside is to have the pan or griller very hot. Do not crowd the pan with the meat and do not flip the meat until you notice the dark brown colour in a corner. It is ideal to invest on a pan that can bare so much heat. It will be worth your time and effort.

Be organized at all times. Having a plan and following a certain process is actually essential if you are aiming for the best kitchen experience. Measuring all your spices and herbs is essential while organizing them in order that you will require for the recipe is definitely good practice. Also your kitchen utensil should always be within easy reach. Do not hesitate to spend on high quality pots, pans and electronic gadgets for your kitchen if you are fond of cooking.

Try to rely on fresh herbs as much as possible. This is the best and easy method of adding tons of flavour to your dishes. You can use some fresh cilantro, basil, thyme or chives to garnish a dish which will look fresh and colourful at the same time.

Try out new salads. You can experiment with a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs along with vinaigrettes instead of the same old lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad. You might be surprised to the variations that can be put up within minutes.

About the author: Joanna Robinson is a nutritionist and a physical instructor. She is experienced in providing health related advices. These days she is writing articles about food and Bordeaux Wines.