Easy Tom Yum Soup

A refreshing soup dish you can cook at home is Thai tom yum. With readily available tom yum paste in leading supermarkets, it is now easy to cook and enjoy this Thai favorite… Continue reading

Beef Morcon – A Decadent Dish for Every Occasion (2019 Edit)

Morcon is always a staple during the holidays and special occasions like fiestas and weddings. At home, we usually have morcon during the holiday season and we cook it for the entire family… Continue reading

Pork Kulao – Sweet, Sour and Spicy Dish (2019 Edit)

Pork kulao is also known as pork kinilaw, and it is said to be a dish which originated from Cavite. At home, we cook this dish usually on a weekend whenever my sister’s… Continue reading

Sipo Egg – Mixed Vegetables with Quail Eggs (2019 Edit)

Mixed vegetables dish is typically any combination of vegetables cooked with meat or seafood. Often sautéed and with sauce thickened with cornstarch. You’ll find a lot of mixed veggie dish in Chinese restaurants… Continue reading

Chicken and Pork Barbecue – The Perfect Summer Dish

When we say barbecue, we always remember going to the beach or having a picnic with someone already tending the grill and another carrying the marinated meat and veggies for barbecuing. These days,… Continue reading

Pineapple-Glazed Pork Ribs (2019 Edit)

When you want something fancy on a weekend or for a Friday lunch, try this spare ribs recipe for a change. It is easy to prepare and it tastes great! My mom tried… Continue reading

Pinoy Style Paella – A Festive Treat (2019 Edit)

  One of the many favorites that our mom cooks during the holidays and special occasions is the Pinoy version of Paella. This particular Paella was a special order of my aunt because… Continue reading

Ginisang Munggo – Not Just a Friday Treat

It’s been said that many Filipino households still cook and serve ginisang munggo (sauteed mung beans) on a Friday. Not really sure where this tradition came from, but we’ve always heard about it… Continue reading

Ginisang Upo (Sauteed Bottle Gourd)

One of our favorite vegetable dishes is ginisang upo or sauteed bottle gourd with ground pork. You may also use diced pork or lechon kawali to top this dish. Another variation is using peeled… Continue reading

Orange Chicken with Cashews

There are so many ways to level-up fried chicken. It could be as simple as changing the breading or batter from plain flour to rice flour or a combination of both to achieve… Continue reading

Chicken-Veggie Kebab (2019 Edit)

I think it’s only fitting to write about chicken kebab since my last write-up was about spices. Kebab recipes are common in Mediterranean cooking and of course, they use delicious herbs and spices… Continue reading

Buko Pandan Recipe (2019 Edit)

Who doesn’t love buko pandan? We made this delicious Pinoy dessert for New Year’s Eve celebration ‘coz it is one of our favorites. I know that like many other Filipino recipes, each cook/foodie… Continue reading

Steamed Lapu-lapu – All Dressed Up and Ready to Go! (2019 edit)

If there is a party or fiesta food that resonates the most, it is steamed lapu-lapu (grouper) that always comes to mind. Well, not everyone may agree with me, but for our family… Continue reading

Holiday Greetings 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!! Wishing everyone more blessings, peace and happiness.  

Copyright on Most of Our Images

Dear readers, We just found out that a couple of our original posts’ pictures/images (the ones we took and own) are being used by other people in Facebook Marketplace and other blogs without… Continue reading

Macaroni Salad Recipe

  Oh the Holiday Season is still around the corner and it’s also the best time to share one of our favorite holiday recipes – macaroni salad with chunky chicken and luncheon meat… Continue reading

Happy Holidays (2017) from The Kitchen Invader

Happy Holidays!!! Enjoy every meal you cook and eat with the family.      

Why Food Presentation is NOT Just for Restaurants and Hotels

I often hear from non-cooks “why do you need to neatly plate your dishes when you’re only serving them at home?” I wonder why they ask this, especially when they dine out with… Continue reading

Home-made Chick n’ Chips

We love the chick n’ chips of one of the iconic pizza places here in our country. But we don’t always get the chance to eat at a restaurant since we know how… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!


Our 2016 Noche Buena Menu

Keeping it simple and tasty is our motto for tonight’s Noche Buena. We’re trying to avoid multiple meat dishes in one serving particularly on the night before Christmas and New Year since those days… Continue reading

Creamy, Melt-in-your-mouth Leche Flan

It’s that time of the year again and we have tried and tested several recipes for the holidays. Among the desserts we tried this year and a few years back is leche flan.… Continue reading

Growing up with Nora Daza

Nora Daza’s cookbook was a stalwart presence in my mother’s kitchen. I remember her saying after each recipe we tried, “Yes, this is the way we did it. This is how it should… Continue reading

Chicken Bon Chon Style

My sister and I have been craving for Bon Chon chicken since the last time we went to Manila. Since there’s no branch here in Laguna, particularly in our town, There is a… Continue reading